Does using bleach to treat mold jeopardize ones health?

Does using bleach to treat mold jeopardize ones health?

Using bleach can jeopardizes your health but makes the problem worse! So, you have a suspicion there may be mold in your home.  Whether you are experiencing adverse health symptoms or are curious to know if there is mold elevation in your home, there are factors that drive our decision-making process.  Time, price, accessibility, and ease!  A few clicks on the internet, low and behold the answer appears.  Home Mold Test Kit!  Not only are they affordable, but they are readily available online and at big box stores.  Sounds too good to be true.  Well, there are several reasons why we advise against these test kits. 

Every home has mold in it!         

Yes, you read that statement right.  Any home, building, or office will always have some level of mold inside.  Molds are naturally outside.  They float in the air, are on plants, leaves, and several other objects.  Our bodies are naturally immune to these “normal,” levels of mold outside.  When we open our doors and windows the outside air enters our homes.  And there you have it; mold is now present in your home.

Its important to note that these levels are not considered elevated.  There isn’t enough of a concentration to pose any risk or cause adverse symptoms.  For these molds to thrive they will need moisture, and a food source.  Absent both these factors you will have little to no harm.

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